FF1600 action from Mondello Park in 1985

22 Mar FF1600 action from Mondello Park in 1985

Once again, I know I am showing my age here again, but it is hard to believe that this was 30 years ago at Mondello Park. It is equally hard to believe that there were three full grids of FF1600s at Mondello back then. In this, the C race watch out for “novices” Bill Griffin, Michael Cullen Steven Sinnott and Tommy O’Connor.


Next up, the B race watch out for loads of names, including Cliff Dempsey, Mick Dillon, Bernard Dolan, Derek M Daly etc- prompting commentator Plum Tyndall’s famous comments-  “It’s the three Ds- Dillon, Dolan, Daly.. and then Dempsey, there are four!!” and  “Dolan in the 60F, surely he is going to go….. how he held that one, I’ll never know!”Watch out too for a charging performance from Gerry O’Reilly- great entertainment!

And finally the big one, the FF1600 final. Martin Boyle in the Mondiale Vs Pat Duffy in the ageing Crossle 32F and the latest works Crossle of Alan McGarrity. Watch out too for Vivion Daly and future Ferrari F1 driver Eddie Irvine, both Mondiale mounted.


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