Huge Success for KCMG Composites First JEC Participation

24 Mar Huge Success for KCMG Composites First JEC Participation

KCMG Composites has entered the world of the carbon fiber manufacturing industry with great success. At the recently held JEC Europe Show at Porte de Versailles in Paris, the newly established enterprise by KCMG Group Companies showcased its latest venture into the trade of carbon fiber reinforced parts production for various key industrial sectors.

KCMG Composites official launch at the widely acclaimed trade show featured a 50sqm booth that welcomed guests and potential partners over the course of three days. Key senior managers from KCMG Composites’ Ireland facility: Chief Operation Officer Philippe Charissoux, Technical Director Brendan Austin and R&D Director Steven Kirby were kept busy throughout the event and attended strategic meetings which produced promising accords.

The Composites team took part in various conferences where integral topics, such as the progressive evolution of the composites market, were discussed in great detail. KCMG Composites’ Hong Kong-based SCM Manager Connie Tsoi also had constructive meetings with potential suppliers and partners, such as Toray and Zoltek.

BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Ferrari and Airbus were among the few who visited the booth and discussed principal components with the team. The show also enabled valuable networking and recruitment of talents for developing German and French markets.

The JEC Europe show culminated with a classy and entertaining party attended by the exhibitors and VIPs from various sectors of the industry. Teeming with success, KCMG Composites made over 200 contacts over the span of the outstanding three-day event.

Philippe Charissoux, KCMG Composites Chief Operating Officer:  “KCMG Composites official launch at the JEC Europe show proved to be a massive success and we’re very pleased with the outcome of the exhibit. The show reinforced and highlighted the growth of this thriving industry. Thank you very much to the JEC organization for its continued support to companies such as ours. We’re very happy to have been able to participate and connect with everyone who took part and attended such a well-organized and celebrated world-class trade event.”

About KCMG Composites:

KCMG Composites is a company experiencing strong growth and offering mass production capabilities in the fabrication of carbon fiber structural parts for the automotive and aerospace sectors. R&D, prototyping, process validation and small-scale manufacturing located in Ireland, enables European customers’ direct access to our engineers. Our large scale manufacturing plant (550,000 m2), located in Taiwan, allows dedicated production lines for high-tech assemblies such as automotive passenger car chassis, suspension and body parts, structural and non-structural aerospace components, with dedicated production lines for the manufacture of on-demand parts for the petrochemical industry, renewable energy and luxury goods. KCMG Composites provides a full design and installation service for civil engineering reinforcement work using composite materials. For more information, please visit

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