As one of the few, but growing, number of women competing in Irish Motorsport, Nicole enjoys an extremely high profile in both specialist and national media outlets. There are many aspects of commercial partnerships available alongside Nicole’s 2020 campaign and we would be happy to discuss this with interested parties at any time.


Did you know:


  • 50% (836,000) of the workforce is made up of women.
  • 80% – 95% of household buying (FMCG) is controlled by women
  • 80% of healthcare and pharmaceutical purchases are made by women
  • 58% of all Smartphones are bought by women
  • 70% of women have the final say in choosing a family car
  • 98% of mothers manage bills and budgeting and family finances
  • 66% of mothers are in charge of family savings.
  • 82% of women research holidays online
  • 68% of customers who switch energy provider are female.
  • 45% of customers who switch health insurance provider are female
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